Witnesses to Dark and Light

Images from Fredericksburg National Cemetery
7 June 2020

On a late day walk with my family, the light seemed very intense set against the contrast of trees and stone. As I made my way around the trail, the call of sirens mixed with the voices of nearby protesters proclaiming, “Black Lives Matter” and reminding the world the name of the latest victims: George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. It is a cold, dark moment of angry protest and cries for Justice, a season of pandemic fear and social strife, a growing storm of political and economic tragedy. There is a need for light: hope, compassion, faith, love of brothers and sisters, but it is hard to perceive the warming light that is shining. The hillside cemetery holds mostly Union Soldiers killed in the Battle of Fredericksburg (December 11–15, 1862), and the huge trees that stand with them are gnarled, shaggy, but very much alive. These witnesses have seen a lot of both dark and light.   – BC