Rev. Bert Cloud


I am a United Methodist clergyperson serving pastoral ministries since 1999. Before this vocation, I was a school psychologist for ten years. Currently, I am the Pastor of Saint Matthias United Methodist Church in the Fredericksburg/South Stafford area of Virginia. Check out Linked In for my professional background. 

My starting place is loving God with what I have been given and loving my neighbor as best as I can. I am drawn to caring for people’s souls, teaching, and continuously learning.   

As a creative, I have worked in photography, videography, web media, podcasting, radio production, essays, and poetry. Ok, I honestly adore Ansel Adams, but Cole Thompson taught me to avoid imitation but create from my personal vision. This site is a place for some of that to live.   

Legal Stuff

All rights, including copyright and intellectual property, are reserved, but please let me know if you are interested in using this material. Permission is granted for use in a worship service, with attribution to me and this site. Unless otherwise noted, I’m solely responsible for the content. This site does not necessarily reflect the ideas, ideologies, or points of view of any organization I have ever, currently or potentially affiliated. Direct quotations and fair use material may be included on this site with attribution. 

Please contact me at bertcloud@vaumc.org with any questions on inquires about prints or projects.